Ernest Pons

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= head of the 'Department of Other Economies' in the Barcelona City Council


By Monica Garriga Miret:

"In Barcelona, for instance, the Commissioner for Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy and Consumption has created a new department inside the local development agency, Barcelona Activa, which aims to encourage alternative economies. Ernest Pons, representing this new Department of Other Economies, explained how it is working collaboratively within the sector and with its actors, for example the BarCola commons collaborative economy platform. The Commissariat's aim is to promote and visualise the solidarity and Social Economy in order to create a new policy direction in the City Council which, since May 2015, is headed by Barcelona en Comú. Many members of this organisation, coming from the cooperative and associationist sectors, have strongly promoted and introduced elements for a new kind of economy. Ernest Pons stressed that this means strengthening what the citizens have already created, in a city which already has 4,418 social economy initiatives, which produce 7% of the local GDP." (

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