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* Definition 1, related to energy metering:

Used as a general term in the energy consulting industry, energy accounting can describe using energy usage data, such as that from utility bills or regular meter readings, to create a usage profile. A usage profile can provide insight into energy usage (electricity, gas, water, etc.) such as baseline usage, peak usage, and usage trends. Software is available to perform variable regression (such as weather normalization) on energy usage data, providing data that can be used to generate more useful information. (

2. Definition 2, related to energy economics:

As proposed by the movement for Technocracy, and described in the Wikipedia, at

"An Energy-credit, sometimes called an energy certificate, is a hypothetical accounting unit, proposed by the Technocratic movement, which would record the Energy used to produce and distribute goods and services consumed by citizens in a Technocracy, or Technate as the movement calls it. Energy-credits would replace money in a Technate, but unlike traditional money or currencies, energy-credits would not be used by the populace themselves. Instead, it is simply an accounting method used by the Technate to determine how much of any good or service was being consumed by the populace, so that it can match production with consumption. It is this balance between production and consumption that is represented by the Technocrats' chosen symbol, the Monad. The amount of credits each citizen would have would be equal to what they spend, thus they never have to worry about running out or budgeting. The reason for the use of energy-credits serves to ensure the highest possible standard of living as well as equality among the Technate’s citizenry." (

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