Energy Credits

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= concept related to Energy Accounting, proposed by the Technocracy movement


"Energy Credits forms part of a resource allocation system. In such a system, people use Energy Credits to allocate parts of the system to the production of goods. We have resources, production and goods people want. We take the resources move them to production and produce the good needed. That takes energy to do, so we can measure the production capacity in terms of energy. We can then divide that up equally among the citizens. Those citizens can then allocate production capacity to the production of goods. Thus, the representation of production capacity exemplifies one major and relevant characteristic of Energy Credits (ECs). This also means that we cannot save Energy Credits as we cannot use production capacity not used in one accounting period in another accounting period, this then exemplifies another relevant characteristic of Energy Credits.

We can save both money and Labour Credits but not Energy Credits. We can make money up out of nothing but not Labour and Energy Credits. We can see money as a certificate of debt but not Labour nor Energy Credits. Labour Credits have a relationship to the amount of work under taken but money and Energy Credits do not. Both Energy and Labour Credits have connections to reality but money does not. Therefore, it follows that money, Labour Credits and Energy Credits do not equate to each other and we cannot rationally consider them the same." (

More Information

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