Embodied Cognition

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Jose Ramos:

"Embodied cognition is the idea that our cognising of the world around us is located in us as individuals (cognising) and as groups (co-cognising). We are primarily social beings interacting and co-cognising with others, ‘structurally coupled’ into cultural (e.g. language, religion, tradition), and ecological / geo-graphic contexts (Maturana, 1998, p. 174). As Lakoff and Johnson argue,

- Understanding emerges from interaction, from constant negotiation with the environment and other people…the nature of our bodies and our physical and cultural environment impose a structure on our experience…recurrent experience leads to the formation of categories, which are experiential gestalts with those natural dimensions. (Lakoff, 1980, p. 230)" (http://www.scribd.com/doc/43609946/Alternative-Futures-of-Globalisation-A-socio-ecological-study-of-the-world-social-forum-process)