Don Tapscott on Four Principles for the Open World

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Ross Dawson:

"The recent generations have been bathed in connecting technology from birth, says futurist Don Tapscott, and as a result the world is transforming into one that is far more open and transparent. In this inspiring talk, he lists the four core principles that show how this open world can be a far better place."


"The four principles for openness that Don offers are:

  • Collaboration. The boundaries of organizations are becoming more fluid and open, with the best ideas often coming from outside.
  • Transparency. Open communication to stakeholders is no longer optional, as organizations become naked.
  • Sharing. Giving up intellectual property, including putting ideas into the commons, is a massive source of value creation.
  • Empowerment. Knowledge and intelligence is power, so as they are distributed, we gain freedom.

Don says in describing this age of networked intelligence that “The arc of history is a positive one, towards openness.” (

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