Distributed Social Networking

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= where users can connect their profile, friends and other data across multiple sites

Social Networking Sites are usually isolated silo's, so that individuals cannot port their relationships to other spaces. Distributed social networking aims to go beyond such limitations.


from Thomas Kalka at http://www.coforum.de/?6302:

"Sites like Videntity and Claim ID are now hooking together Open ID and Microformats to help provide for the first distributed social networking schemes. These are the seeds of something really exciting; the ability to tie single sign-on with portable social networking means we can quickly login to any site and then pull our social networks along with us. Its going to take time and quite a bit more work to get sites to adopt a standardized means for doing this but its inevitable now that OpenID is taking hold."


  1. The big Internet companies have initiatives such as Open Social [1] (Google), Facebook Connect [2], MySpace Data Availability [3], Yahoo Open Strategy [4].
  2. There are also smaller company and open source projects such as DiSo and Noserub

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