Distributed Programmable Organization

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"A DAO, “i.e. Distributed Autonomous Organizations,” is a next-generation outgrowth of the blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin. Simple transactions between two parties are replaced by “smart contracts” which can involve any kind of engagement and any number of parties. Customizable spaces of interaction can be built on top of the underlying architecture, enabling a diversity of self-defining projects to cohabit the same ecosystem and enter into mutually beneficial relation. With this ability, the Distributed Autonomous Organization evolves toward the Distributed Programmable Organization. Post-blockchain architectures are already emerging that have even more flexible, lower-cost, rhizomatic architectures operating on the peer-to-peer model. These make it possible to design alternative models embodying an ethos of sustainable economic and social cooperation that is integrally built into the systems architecture at all levels.

These developments open new possibilities for collective projects to invent their own self-sustaining creative economies, operating not in competition with each other but in a shared, open-source environment based on notions of the “common” (or, more radically, what Fred Moten and Stefano Harney call the “undercommons”). Collective initiatives can invent their own autonomous model, combining collaboratiive work tools, a decentralized, self-administering governance system, and an internal micro-economy that can be interlinked to the cryptocurrency markets or invent its own dedicated forms of value." (http://senselab.ca/wp2/immediations/3eprocessseedbank/)


"The SenseLab’s Immediations project is working intensively to develop a self-sustaining micro-economy of abundance fostering emergent collectivity arising at the intersection of art, philosophy, and activism. The 3E Process Seed Bank will embody the principles of a key concept that the Immediations project has been developing called the “anarchive.” The 3E Process Seed Bank will serve as the “creative process engine” for the 3 Ecologies Institute alter-university project. The 3E Process Seed Bank will be open source. It will be offered to other cooperatives as a template to be adapted to their needs. Toward this end, we are intensively engaged with exploring collaborations with innovators such as the Economic Space Agency (ECSA, [1]) and Holochain ([2])." (http://senselab.ca/wp2/immediations/3eprocessseedbank/)