3E Process Seed Bank

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= an attempt to create a Distributed Programmable Organization that works for the commons economy, by SenseLab in Montreal, Canada



"The SenseLab’s Immediations project is working intensively to develop a self-sustaining micro-economy of abundance fostering emergent collectivity arising at the intersection of art, philosophy, and activism. The 3E Process Seed Bank will embody the principles of a key concept that the Immediations project has been developing called the “anarchive.” The 3E Process Seed Bank will serve as the “creative process engine” for the 3 Ecologies Institute alter-university project. The 3E Process Seed Bank will be open source. It will be offered to other cooperatives as a template to be adapted to their needs. Toward this end, we are intensively engaged with exploring collaborations with innovators such as the Economic Space Agency (ECSA, [1]) and Holochain ([2])." (http://senselab.ca/wp2/immediations/3eprocessseedbank/)