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= "the first step toward a new economic model for technology that is not based off the exploitation of users. DarkFi is a base layer for anonymous applications and smart contracts that is multi-chain interoperable".

URL = https://github.com/darkrenaissance/darkfi


Amir Taaki:

"DarkFi is an environment with a language for writing zero-knowledge smart contracts. The research is still nascent but we already have our testnet operational.

ZK unlocks an entirely unexplored design space of anonymous applications. Previously if you wanted to create an anonymous application you had to think how to combine several existing cryptographic schemes. Maybe it would be slow or impossible. But with ZK, we have a generic cryptographic schema that any programmer can use to create anonymous applications.

We can create anonymous services. Users can interact with DAOs and markets where they use credentials. You attach a proof which says that a statement is correct. Nothing else about your identity is leaked. Services are operated in this manner."



Amir Taaki:

"We already have a testnet bridged with Bitcoin and Solana networks. We plan to add support for Ethereum and Monero soon. You can run the application and send payments.

Our initial focus will be simple anonymous swaps and a DAO for governance. We plan to focus on building out organizational tooling and rapidly expand our ecosystem. Join us on this world-building adventure.

We are seeking political developers and offer competitive salaries. This is an opportunity to help build an ecosystem and there will be many more projects being launched and funded on DarkFi.

Every Monday 16:00 CET in #dev on our server, we have an open developer meeting over text."



Amir Taaki:

"Everybody feels that there will big a huge macro political or economic event in the next 5 years. Everybody is deeply discontented with the power and capital monopolies ruling over us.

What is the next system to come along? Here is the answer:

We should not be thinking about systems. Human beings are not objects in a mathematical apparatus. That is the thinking that got us in this position.

What thinking do we need?

What is happening around you? What are people doing? What are the problems they face? What is truth, beauty and goodness? How can we empower that face of humanity and nature that we wish to grow?

Luckily we have been gifted agorist counter-economics, not just as a philosophy but as a powerful agent of change. Wield that power, make things happen.

The regulators are coming for us. They see us as children with boots too big for our feet. We need to be put back in our place. They do this from outside and within. Those crazy anarchists amongst us get shushed, given freakish looks, shunned and told off for stirring the pot. Who are these people and where did they come from? Certainly in their clean corporate cages they would never have risked betting on Bitcoin in 2010. Yet here they are attaching themselves to success, making sure things are done right.

The narrative right now is about trivial first world concerns: GameFi, ArtFi, SocialMediaFi - the entertainment and celebrity biz.

But one need only look at what power and capital monopolies seek to prevent to understand what is key to liberating the democratic nation.

They are going to regulate crypto which allows any person to send crypto to any person anywhere on the planet. Or to establish private organizations that are self-governed. This destroys all proprietary models of the power and capital monopolies.

Crypto will split into two. RegFi will be unusable and bolted down. It will be toothless. The other side will be the underground DarkFi. It will have bite.

DarkFi is not a project or a company. We are a community and a movement.

Counter-economics gives us tools to architect systems that empower free communities.

Crypto-anarchy is the tactic of using cryptography for counter-economics.

Privacy technologies are emerging stronger than ever and are completely unstoppable.

Combine all this together and we get: DarkFi.

The darkness is here and will sweep over our digital world. It cannot be stopped, since the benefits it brings are too great. All the latent potentialities of humanity that are being pushed down will be allowed to rise up to the top. This is a great power that must be used respectfully.

Remember every technological revolution in history had naysayers who wanted to put the genie back in Pandora's box. But they were dragged kicking and screaming into the future against their will.

There are no judgments or edicts being made here. Just statements of reality.

Take it or leave it, this is what will happen. Welcome to the agorist future."


More information

  • We have a chat server on Matrix at: element.dark.fi