Daniel Mietchen on Open Research

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Video via http://vimeo.com/30046678


Daniel Mietchen

"An introduction into Open research and the concept of a GitHub for science. License: CC0/Public Domain.

Open research is the concept of scientists sharing their research with the world as soon as they record it for themselves. This is essential to make research more efficient than it is today.

Research resembles a puzzle: a heap of pieces has to be assembled into a coherent picture.

Yet some of the pieces are unknown, and traditional non-open science keeps much of the remainder hidden behind barriers erected by pre-digital reputation and reward systems.

Open science means tackling research problems collaboratively by sharing research tools, data, materials and code as they arise and by building on the shared work.

As Beethoven said, "There should be only one repository of research in the world, to which the artist would donate his works in order to take what he would need.“

Ideally, scientific research would be in the Public Domain by default, and Beethoven's repository would be federated rather than centralized."