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= "DAOstack enables the effective governance of self-organizing collectives"

URL = https://daostack.io/



"Blockchain enables new forms of human association that combine the scale and efficiency of free markets with the alignment and coherence of startups. The future of work involves networks self-organizing around shared goals and interests, and a new economy where cooperation is the winning strategy. This is a future of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)."

2. From Crypto Briefing:

" an operating system for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) which can be used for cases such as collaboration or governance in companies, running decentralized investment funds and managing decentralized curation systems like Wikipedia.

The targets for their technology are those blockchain companies with massive numbers of members – hundreds of thousands to millions of people – which they aim to help through empowering crowd organization, management, and decision-making.

The system is powered by a technical stack and protocol for collective value management on the blockchain, including an Ethereum-based library of smart contracts for governance and a JavaScript developer environment.

The operating system for governance which DAOstack is creating consists of 4 layers built on top of the Ethereum blockchain:

1) The ArcHives: a public set of shared registries which will allow for interoperability between DAOs and Dapps built on DAOstack

2) Arc: the base layer of the stack and smart contracts library written in Solidity which allows the creation of governance protocols for DAOs (compared to a WordPress for organizational governance by the DAOstack team)

3) Arc.js: the JavaScript frontend interface allowing developers to easily build applications and custom interfaces suitable to their organizations

4) The application layer.

To showcase the system and drive adoption, DAOstack has built the first application on the stack called Alchemy. It is a user interface for budgeting and resource allocation for decentralized organizations which allows anyone to create DAOs, participate in decision-making and talent-sharing hubs and even create an organization-specific ERC20 crypto-token if desired.

GEN is the native token of the DAOstack ecosystem and is used for promoting proposals or attracting the attention of users for a project within an organization. Proposals can be boosted by staking tokens. If the proposal is unsuccessful, tokens are either destroyed or distributed to voters. Contributors of value to the network will be rewarded with tokens which will incentivize development, promotion and early adoption of the system." (https://cryptobriefing.com/daostack-ico-review-gen-token-analysis/)


  • "Blockchain governance: Decentralized governance based on Ethereum smart contracts enables faultless execution of crowd decisions.
  • Programmatic cooperation: Crypto-economic incentive design at the individual level empowers frictionless cooperation at the collective level.
  • Holographic consensus: Effective decision-making is possible with edge decisions guaranteed to be coherent with the will of the greater majority."

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