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= "COSMOS is a co-op for people with “visionary tendencies”.


"As our civilization spirals through an age of exponential change, we believe that a whole other kind of Manhattan Project—a transmutation of consciousness, a revolution in the heart of being—is equally necessary and urgent." [1]


"We’re a community of writers, artists, programmers, designers, philosophers, and otherwise ordinary people who feel passionately about exploring the depths and potentials of our shared reality, joining forces to produce works of collective genius that elicit the best in us.

While we are a collective of individuals—with particular needs, motivations, and models of reality that we may not always be able to commonly define—we nonetheless come together in a common participatory framework for conversation, collaboration, and mutual aid.

We recognize, honor, and draw inspiration from the same fire that burns within each of us.

Beginning from the premise of interbeing—the realization that we are not fundamentally separate, but reflect each other infinitely—we value candor, ethics, and compassion as essential to our creativity and play.

As the founders of Cosmos, we believe that it’s necessary to band together to create a cultural space where we can dive deep; stay sensitive and inspired; and remain present amidst chaos." (