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B. Miller:

Humans are struggling to clear the next evolutionary hurdle that microorganisms surmounted billions of years ago: to cooperate in leaderless self-organising groups and form multicellular organisms to avert colony collapse driven by competition for survival. Learning from nature, successful decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) could function more like living, multicellular organisms. In this essay, they will be referred to as ‘coorganisms’.

These coorganisms will coordinate humanity’s resources, services and consumption streams better than existing structures. Trustworthy delegation of daily roles and responsibilities will happen bottom-up rather than top-down by tracking the reliability of participants over time. Corrupt delegates can be replaced quickly and easily through a democratic process.

Decision-making will follow direct democracy principles, which is now technically possible on a global scale using decentralised, incorruptible blockchain software. Randomly chosen subgroups will deliberate, research and collectively decide on issues, similar to the jury duty process.

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