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From Wikipedia:

"Consumer-generated media (CGM) describes word-of-mouth behavior that exists on the Internet. Typically, consumer-generated media encompasses opinions, experiences, advice and commentary about products, brands, companies and services -- usually informed by personal experience -- that exist in consumer-created postings on Internet discussion boards, forums, Usenet newsgroups and blogs. CGM can include text, images, photos, videos, podcasts and other forms of media. CGM is of particular interest to marketers, brand managers and market researchers because it leaves a digital, archivable trail on the Internet that algorithm-based technologies can measure and analyze.

Pete Blackshaw (CMO for CGM analytics firm Nielsen BuzzMetrics) claims to have coined the phrase "consumer generated media."

The earliest mention of the phrase "consumer generated media" appeared in a press-release (Business Wire, 27th March 2000) issued by the company ShareYourWorld, Inc. who connected people who create digital media with those interested in licensing it." (


  • CGM: Consumer Generated Media (example: unaided review on message board or blog)
  • CGM2: Consumer Generated Multimedia (example: "I love my iPod video")
  • CFM: Consumer Fortified Media (example: Dove "Evolution" video spot)
  • CSM: Consumer Solicited Media or "co-creation" (example: "create your own" Super Bowl ads)
  • CCGM: Compensated Consumer Generated Media (benign example: Revver, ugly scenario: PayPerPost meets video)


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