Commons Governance Work Group

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= We seek to assist in the creation of an integral model of co-governance that can be applied both within existing and emergent commons in various developmental stages and contexts.



"As a commons group, we strive to manifest a working model of commons governance that renews human sovereignty over the commons, enables just governance and democratic oversight, supports sustainability of the commons and promotes sharing and right livelihood for those who use the commons.

We choose to engage in a new global culture that is characterized by deep listening, caring speech, conscious reflection, and cooperative action, toward a more stable, and regenerative life on earth.

Our Statement of Intent:

We are part of a growing movement that recognizes the global commons as a third sector of human endeavor and world resources, one that is distinctly different from existing public and private sectors. The global commons belongs to all of humanity. It calls for an increasing awareness of global sovereignty on the part of all world citizens who, as groups and as individuals, need new structures of governance through which to cooperate.

Our intention therefore, is to assist in the creation of an integral, decentralized, grassroots system of governance that works to protect and sustain the global commons. The nature of the "commons" varies broadly, from local fisheries to the world of knowledge, calling for different kinds of institutions. We are concerned here with governance that originates at the local community level, empowering people in their home places, as well as with governance structures at larger geopolitical levels, including the global level. Further, we are concerned that this local governance be supported at all levels, through all regions, by the United Nations and other international groups. We believe that the full emergence of the commons will provide a balance for existing public and private sectors, resulting in greater justice and more sustainable markets.

We therefore seek...

1. to join civil society organizations, businesses, governments, community groups, and individuals throughout the earth to heighten collective awareness, advancing a new dialogue among all peoples regarding our relationships with each other and with the global commons;

2. to facilitate cooperative action, direct participation, and global representation of world citizens with regard to the recognition, protection, use and preservation of their commons;

3. to promote the creation of commons trusts which are founded on the principles of equitable decision-making, sustainability, and accountability to all present and future generations of life."