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  • The Emergence of Civic Tech: Knight Foundation Report (Dec 2013)

A Suggested Taxonomy of Civic Tech


Keep in mind this information comes from an organization that funds civic tech startups. Provides some perspective on the Civic Tech startup landscape as of Dec 2013 This is only a suggested way and not THE way to categorize these apps. There are only a few mentioned here. There are a plethora of unsung examples of people using local technology. There are also countless commercial apps that have an effect in the civic sphere (ie airbnb, tripadvisor, craigslist, freecycle, adoptapet) This document values these ventures based on funding, their value to society could be measured differently.

Other Examples -

  • An app that helps social workers search for temporary housing.
  • A map mashup that helps people share backyards
  • Apps to find where cell phone towers or a parking space is located.

Open Government

1 Data Access & Transparency
2 Data Utility
3 Public Decision Making
4 Resident Feedback
5 Visualization & Mapping
6 Voting

Community Action

7 Civic Crowdfunding
8 Community Organizing
9 Information Crowdsourcing
10 Neighborhood Forums
11 Peer-to-Peer Sharing Goods and Services