Camille Canon on Designing and Distributing Ownership for Crypto

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"History reveals that many governance problems are downstream of the distribution of ownership. What type of incentive alignment is possible when different classes of stakeholders are owners? These talks look at different types of investor-owned, worker-owned, foundation-owned, supplier-owned, and producer-owned organizations and their relevance to crypto.

Camille Canon is the co-founder of Purpose (US), a hybrid for-/non-profit organization focused on developing and scaling alternative ownership and governance models.

In her lecture, she examines the objective of governance and what underpins its rules. Core aspects of a system’s design, like purpose, culture, power distribution, value distribution, and incentives, are what make systems fragile or create the need for more rules. The more misalignments there are, the more organizations rely on rules to navigate change.

Canon outlines guiding principles for how to think about systems design and presents recent case studies on Organically Grown Company, Firebrand, and Trust Neighborhoods. She follows this up with a few examples of when and why systems fail. The lecture concludes with best practices for thinking about constitutions and rules, with useful takeaways for DAO leaders."