Célya Gruson-Daniel

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= French open science advocate, co-creator of Hackyourphd.org


"After a master degree in cognitive neuroscience, I did a specialization in science online communication. Today, most of my work aims to form bridges between communities and make knowledge freely accessible to everyone. I started in 2009 by managing an online community of researchers; students and journalists on issues related to Science 2.0 and Open Access. Then, in January 2013, I co-founded the open science community HackYourPhD, which attracted more than 1500 members (students, researchers, citizens) on social networks, creating a hub at the interface of research, science communication and social innovation.

In parallel, I am currently working in Paris as a research officer specialized in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for a French-German health center. I will start in October 2014 a PhD in Social Sciences about the Open Science movement it's characteristics and impact on the current research system."

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