Alexandra Carmichael and Jen McCabe on Participatory Medicine

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"What happens when people come together to help each other get well? We’ve heard remarkable stories from PatientsLikeMe, CureTogether and SugarStats, where people share medical data so personal that HIPAA would flippa.

People are coming together to run, lose weight, kick smoking and more. This seems like the tip of the iceberg. Ths nascent field already has a journal, the Journal of Participatory Medicine. Some of its founders and advisors will be our guests for this call.

With Esther Dyson, Alexandra Carmichael, Jen McCabe, Susannah Fox and Adam Bosworth, let’s discuss:

  • What is participatory medicine? What’s new about it?
  • How are medical institutions interacting with the crowdsourced sites?
  • What building blocks are still missing to help this system thrive?"