Adversarial Interoperability

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Marco Fioretti:

"The Usenet alt. hierarchy is a perfect example of “adversarial interoperability,” in which new services can be plugged into existing ones, without permission or cooperation from the operators of the dominant service. If real adversarial interoperability were restored, concludes Doctorow, people could fetch all their Facebook notifications, or post to Facebook, from other social networks, without being spied on by Facebook. People could again, that is, move to new services and service providers “without having to convince everyone to come with you”. Or being forced to “maintain many different accounts that reach many different groups of contacts”.

But this is exactly the point I made when I wrote that the only thing to “regulate” in Facebook & C is this. Thanks Cory Doctorow, for a great explanation of why it a would be nothing new, just a return to a saner era, and an extremely easy one, as far as software development is concerned."