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= an open R&D Lab for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create music instruments and applications, such as an open design guitar

URL = http://www.zoybar.net/



"Zoybar is a an open design project from Israel founded and designed by the designer Ziv Bar Ilan, and it will be available from January 2009.

It’s the project of an open design guitar, and it is a very interesting one, because it shows interest in building an economic ecosystem (an Open P2P marketplace) and for sustainability and local business as well (and therefore for a sustainable local development)." (http://www.openp2pdesign.org/blog/archives/590)

2. From Zoybar:

Zoybar is a unique platform for developing innovative music instruments and effects.

The Zoybar components provide research and development tools as a sustainable, playable prototype platform. The same modular parts can be assembled as different instruments, can be change during the performance and also be mounted with numerous special effects, just by adding and changing their position across the profile grooves.

As an independent developer you can use the Zoybar hardware platform to integrate your application and become relevant to the whole Zoybar community.

You can submit your projects as a group administrator and interact with your own forum, members, and rich media content platform for free." (http://www.zoybar.net/)


"In 2005 I founded Zoybar. Zoybar is an open R&D Lab for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create music instruments and applications. Most of these new platforms were developed individually at about the same time. Over the last few years our high profile coverage has been highly instrumental in raising the awareness of these new trends. Since our official launch (on 2009) Zoybar has been recognized and awarded as a pioneer in the field of hardware design and innovation processes. On January 2010 Zoybar received the Atir award - Israeli Industrial Design Awards by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor. Our work has caught the eye of various magazines, Journals and TV Shows around the world such as REUTERS, AFP, ZDF German TV, Fast Company and on the cover of ID magazine among others. In part two, I will elaborate on the current collaborations that practice these new trends and tools." (http://www.shareable.net/blog/open-source-hardware)

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