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URL = http://www.xyzcargo.com/


"The XYZ CARGO TRIKE and the XYZ CARGO BIKE are based on the innovative Open Source system XYZ SPACEFRAMES VEHICLES initiated by N55 (www.n55.dk )

The XYZ CARGOs are released under this Creative Commons license: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

The XYZ CARGO TRIKE and the XYZ CARGO BIKE has been developed as environmentally and socially sustainable products for sale and no construction drawings are available.

Local & Fair production: XYZ CARGOs use a completely new way of building functional cycles with a focus on local production in a socially just and environmentally sustainable way.

Modular construction: XYZ CARGOs combine bolted, modular and simple orthogonal construction methods with the use of advanced 3d design tools.

Easy to customize & to rebuild: XYZ CARGOs are easy to customize and to rebuild. It encourages DIY ingenuity and participation instead of rigid predefined solutions." (http://www.xyzcargo.com/?page_id=548)


Fair Production and distribution

The XYZ CARGO project is pioneering new and fairer methods of production and distribution:

We ask ourselves how to give access to XYZ CARGOs to as many people as possible and how to do this in a fair and symbiotic way. We wouldn’t try to get the biggest profit, but balance a fee for our work with the costs and the time we have invested. All persons should be able to access XYZ CARGOs in a way, that fits both: their means and their needs.

We offer a range of ways to get hold of a XYZ CARGO: we sell readymade, assembled cycles and we arrange workshops for those who want to build their XYZCARGO themselves. Finally people can also build their XYZ CARGOs from scratch on their own, according to the Creative Commons license below.

All ready-made XYZ CARGOs are produced locally at our manufacturing studios in Copenhagen and Hamburg – according to socially fair and sustainable production principles. Each XYZ CARGO is hand-made and can be tailored to the needs of the user.

They can be purchased in our workshops in Hamburg and Copenhagen or via mailing to [email protected]

Earnings from the sale of the XYZ CARGO´s are used to finance the further development of XYZ SPACEFRAMES VEHICLES Manual and other N55 projects.

Open Source / Creative Commons

The designs of XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES including any new construction principle used in the system and the XYZ construction and connection principle are Open Source provided under the rules of Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Users are free to use available designs, as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and any use of the work includes proper credits to N55 & Till Wolfer and other collaborators as well as a link to www.N55.dk ).

The construction drawings for the XYZ ONESEATER and XYZ TWOSEATER can be downloaded for free.

The XYZ CARGO TRIKE and the XYZ CARGO BIKE has been developed as environmentally and socially sustainable products for sale and no distinct construction drawings are available. Persons are of course still allowed to copy these models for non-commercial use." (http://www.xyzcargo.com/?page_id=548)