World Mountain People Association

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"The challenges that the World Mountain People need to take up are those of preserving their special connection to their territories, their resources, their cultures, and their fellow citizens, all of which are a source of strong identities in a world of profound change. They need to take up the challenge of adaptation and innovation, the fight against the loss of their values and specific societies, all of which are threatened by the steamroller of the global economy. By preserving or recovering their specificity, their ways of life and know-how, the mountain peoples will be able to inhabit areas that are alive and open the door to “living well together”. Rich of their experience, mountain peoples are aware that territories cannot exist without society or a living culture. They have experience in managing the wealth of their territories as “commons”. They have lived for thousands of years and continue to live with the belief that their territory results from the work of people, a collective commitment to preserve the fragile balance between nature and Humankind on a day-to-day basis."