Wireless Utopia

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A history of the Free Networks Movement, set in a larger historical context.

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"Not Just Another Wireless Utopia - developing the social protocols of free networking. by Armin Medosch

(This text is a version of a text written for and first published in "THE FUTURE OF COMPUTER ARTS PRIHODNOST RACUNALNISKE UMETNOSTI. Edited by Marina Grzinic. Published by MKC, Maribor and Maska, Ljubljana. Theory, history, discursivity and hacktivism. The 10th anniversary of the International Festival of Computer Arts. Maribor 1995-2004." The original idea for this text is based on a series of lectures given under the title 'Wireless Utopia' in Novi Sad, Zagreb, Basel, Berlin, Plymouth, Riga and Salzburg in winter and springtime 2004.)