We The People Have Found Our Voice at Occupy Wall Street

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Atmospheric reportage via http://vimeo.com/30241489


"We the people have found our voice.

(NYC General Assembly, September 27, 2011)

If it’s our sharing that makes us powerful, why return to normal? This life is more worth living than the one we left behind.

(Leaflet, Solidarity March with Occupy Wall Street, October 5, 2011)

How do our voices of dissent encounter each other? Do we really want to merge our raging cacophony into a unified political agenda? What if the voice of the people is always in a mode of becoming? Welcome to the hidden track of Occupy Wall Street: We are discovering new ways in which our desires can resonate together. This space is our sonogram of potential."

Brought to you by Iva Radivojevic & Martyna Starosta

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