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= Co-developer of the wiki website Appropedia which collects collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology and poverty reduction.


  • Wikiholic.[1]
  • Wiki consultant. (Open knowledge, collaborative communities, especially with a focus on sustainability, including the energy industry.)
  • Founding director, Appropedia Foundation, 501(c)(3)
  • Advocate for Open Design for Appropriate Technology (aka Open Source Appropriate Technology).
  • Chemical engineer and water engineer by training (but focused on supporting others in the sharing of sustainable solutions).
  • Formerly active in grassroots Green politics in Australia. These days being consciously as non-partisan as possible while advocating for a sustainable world.


Appropedia ( is the wiki for solutions in appropriate technology, open designs, food security, sustainability... people ask "Is X relevant for Appropedia?" and if it's anything to do with sustainability or improving human lives, the answer is usually "Yes!"

More Information

  • Usual username is chriswaterguy, and the website is, so you can guess how to use that :-).
  • GTalk (xmpp): first part sing, second part kong (one word... just being obscure to avoid spam)
  • Skype: (Usual username.)

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