Water Commons Principles

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= the Water Commons Principles were developed by Our Water Commons

URL = http://www.ourwatercommons.org/about-us


"We base our work on the following principles:

  • Affirm water as a commons, that is, it belongs to everyone and no one, passed onto future generations in sufficient volume and quality
  • Ensure that the earth and all of its ecosystems enjoy rights to water for their survival – indeed it is on those ecosystems that human life depends
  • Conserve water as society’s first course of action (enforced by law), including suggesting drastic changes to industrial and agricultural practices
  • Treat watersheds – the source of water - as a common as well and not simply the water itself
  • Encourage local, community management while legally binding communities to respect upstream and downstream neighbors’ rights
  • Forge or affirm trans-boundary agreements that respect water sovereignty for both communities and nations
  • Provide water as a basic principle of justice, not as an act of charity
  • Ensure public delivery and fair pricing of water
  • Promote enshrining the right to water in nation-state constitutions, laws and a UN covenant
  • Employ innovative legal tools to protect water and manage water as a commons, including through public and community trusts


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