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= practice for learning exchange proposed by Franz Nahrada in the context of Global Villages


"Videobridge instead of Videoconferencing signifies that there is something happening at local scale, which we are simply enhancing (or enabling) by a "bridge".

so we densify local space and agenda, allowing people to focus more than ever on locality (their village, town, region...) as their reference frame of self - realization (which also creates funny ways to intentional travel). Thats the core aim of the GlobalVillages theory and movement that I want to spark, an Open Source network about of all kind of practicalities to support local community building and problem-solving capacity.

The idea that we drive out of a real development experience here is to establish little "flying classroooms" where two things happen at the same time:

1. people come together in their neighborhood for local action of any kind

2. they participate in "global" - which means basically shared - activity, interactively." (Franz Nahrada)