Video on Forum Oxford 2009

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Compiled by Jonathan Marks



"Forum Oxford is a discussion group open to anyone seriously interested in the future of mobile in society. It has over 2000 members worldwide. Three years ago, Peter Holland, Tomi Ahonen and Ajit Joakar decided to organise a one day informal gathering to debate what might happen next. This year around 60 of the most agile minds in mobile in the centre of Oxford at the Department of Continuing Education. It reminded me more of the "unconferences" taking place these days - where people come because they want to share ideas - rather than broadcast corporate spin. The standard of the presentations was superb - and there was true interaction from the audience. It's also a trusted environment, so that people are much more open to debate.

At the end of the conference I asked a few of the delegates why they came, especially when we're in the middle of a serious credit crunch. What they gave me was an unprompted series of testimonials as to why the formula works. The list includes Tomi Ahonen, Christine Maxwell, Peter Holland, Helen Keegan, Simon Cavill, Martin Sauter, Ed Candy, Agustin Cavlo and Ajit Jaokar.

There were overseas guests from France, The Netherlands, Romania, Germany & Norway - so this gathering is far from UK centric."