Video Introduction to the Commons

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Compiled by David Bollier:

--the short HBF animation from the ICC in 2010 (very basic):

--the many Remix the Commons videos (interviews)

--Kevin Hansen's long film on the commons, due out this year (Hansen was at both ICC and ECC): Maybe he has a short version or preview video clip.

--A 20 minute video on the commons -- still in progess -- being produced by the Foundation on Ecological Security (India, Jagdeesh Rao) in cooperation with John D. Liu and Patrick Augenstein, both living in Beijing. Maybe they might be willing to throw together a short video clip.

--A video about the commons by "Anarchist Collective" on Youtube: (36 minutes): (pretty good)

--A short promotional/animation video produced for my book Viral Spiral and also featuring Peter Linebaugh's book: