Vélo M²

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= multi-modular cargobike

URL = https://www.facebook.com/velom2


"Our engineer’s team CIKLIC and Brussels-based collectives Urban Foxes, Soft Revolution are taking the versatility of the XYZ bike to the next level by developing new modules under the name of Vélo M².

Vélo M²’s creators, who work on the cross-section of urbanism, culture and innovation, have the ambition to enhance the wellbeing in Brussels by transforming public space to the needs of the people with one square meter of flexible and temporary value. In a first phase amobile cinema and a literary fablab module, Gesneden Woord, will be developed but as possibilities are endless, other modules will follow shortly after. As it is an open source project, other collectives are invited to come up and design their own application in the form of a module."

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