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"URBZ facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge, ideas and practices towards better cities for all. It organizes participatory workshops and develops web tools for urban communities and practitioners.

URBZ believes that the deepest knowledge about cities exists amongst its inhabitants and communities. Those engaged with urban life in any way, either through direct civic engagement, or simply as residents, produce and use this knowledge spontaneously all the time. For urban planners and other practitioners, working with this knowledge through direct engagement with people is the best possible way to enhance the quality and impact of their work.

URBZ has evolved a set of user-friendly and effective practices that include participatory workshops, pedagogic exercises, research projects and creative initiatives. It complements these with web-based, online interactive tools that facilitate content production and the documentation of knowledge and practices for use and exchange by residents, community groups, individual practitioners, research institutions, governments and businesses. It harnesses information and communication technologies (ICT) to maximum effect in the fields of planning in all kinds of urban environments.

URBZ is developing multimedia Wiki interfaces allowing anyone to access, upload and geo-tag local information. URBZ online tools comprise of a mashup of readily available Web applications. The Website is open source and can be adapted to the needs of any individual or group. The data uploaded is localized on satellite images and maps and is accessible by anyone browsing that location. It thus helps build and strengthen places- and city-based social and professional networks and allows individuals or groups to share their location-based data with others.

URBZ is committed to information sharing, open sourcing and public participation." (