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  • I'm Christopher Aquilino.
  • I'm 29.
  • Town: Peekskill (Westchester), NY. Near NYC. United States
  • Work: Autodidact (self-taught)
  • Mission: Make science more open. To develop myself and change the world.
  • Skills: Developing ideas, insights and sharing them. I do that through writing and speaking
  • Comment published in "Rolling Stone" Letter to the Editor in issue 1165; on Amma and new age culty groups

Individual Projects

Right now, as an autodidact, I have to use alternative means of getting recognition of my competencies. But I want to help build an open/p2p means of doing that.

I particularly focus on helping people of color, the working poor and low-middle class backgrounds; my own background. My hometown is diverse--economically and racially, in particular. I want to ensure p2p developments equally spread to these groups.


Creating a P2P wiki, open/p2p guitar manufacturing, and open/p2p credentialing (for already acquired knowledge).

Some Pages I've Work On

To Create (Might Be Sections of Other Pages):

  • [[P2P Death Care]
  • [[P2P Audio Wiki]
  • [[Federated Credentialing]
  • [[Federated Lobbying] Federated Funding

External Links/Profile(s)


team gs 3 se (@ plus no spaces)