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A peer to peer artificial general intelligence is a decentralized (and distributed) collective intelligent entity vastly smarter than humans.

Risks of Centralized AGI

Allowing one organization to create and control an AGI, particularly a corporation, is a distopian outcome relative to p2p values.

  1. [1] While it's likely one organization will, in effect, lead the effort, it must be with substantial democratic input.
  2. [2] One such effort is the Open Cog project. #[3]

Currently, the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence is a lead organization in the creation of AGI. They are a quasi-open organization. They're explicit political structure includes a board of directors (and advisors), volunteers, interns and fellow researchers. #[4]

Mathematician and AGI thinker, Matt Mahoney, (among others) has proposed a distributed AGI design coupled with a quasi micro-possesionary propertarian regime. #[5] #[6]

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