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A funeral service coop is an organization where members pool resources, capital, and labour to provide death-care services to its members (and families).

Commons Enclosure and Death Services

Land, environmental, law, cultural and religious enclosures (among others) have marginalized the practice of commons snd home death care.

Funeral home services are increasing being privatized and contracted out. For instance, Starbucks even has contracts to serve coffee at certain funerals.

P2P and Death Care

Guilds and friendly societies have a history of providing death care to members.

Networked p2p forms of social organization allows new forms of death care services. Defining "death" is central to the future of death care services. Already there are memorial services that save aspects of your online presence. Online eulogy services stream your funeral to those who can't be there.

Green or eco-burials internalized ecological costs into death care.

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