Universal Basic Means of Production

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= UBMoP is a solution for technological unemployment. Open source, self-replicable tools, renewable energy, and engineering for ubiquitous materials.

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"UBI is inherently flawed in that it creates a state of dependence which leaves the people beholden and subject to centralized authority. Universal Basic Means of Production (UBMoP) is the solution to flaws in UBI and more!

UBMoP solves the centralization and dependency problems of UBI by putting the means of material production into the hands of individuals.

UBMoP solves the problem of cost by utilizing automation, engineering for use of ubiquitous materials and energy, and self replication as the means to empower each individual to provide for their own needs.

UBMoP offers the possibility of minimizing common governance, commodity based economies, the cost of the 'commons', and externalization of impact.

UBMoP takes the position that physical distance between an individual and the powers that control them as well as the consequences for their actions should be 0.

UBMoP is a political, technological, and sociological path toward putting all power, responsibility, and possibility back into the hands of individuals.

UBMoP is the vision of a world where every person has 40 acres, a gardening robot, a solar 3-d printer, and internet access.

UBMoP is something you can contribute to today by creating and sharing machines and open source plans for the means of allowing individuals to provide for themselves independent of markets and distant resources." (https://www.facebook.com/UBMoP/)