Understanding Peer to Peer as a Relational Dynamics

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* Article: Understanding Peer to Peer as a Relational Dynamics. Michel Bauwens. International Review of Information Ethics. Vol. 15, Issue No. 015 - September 2011

URL = http://www.i-r-i-e.net/inhalt/015/015_full.pdf


"This paper is an inquiry into the nature of the emerging peer to peer relationalities that are co-evolving with the networked forms of technology and human organisation. In the first part, we will match the observations of the P2P Foundation collaborative, a network of researchers into p2p phenomena, on the emergence of peer production as a general social process. We will use the relational typology of Alan Page Fiske to system-atize these observations and some conclusions. In the second part, we will make an attempt at some more speculative philosophical and sociological conclusions. Our question will be: what if the emergent peer to peer modalities are not just emergent phenomena, but also new institutional and social and economic models that portend a substantial transformation of our political economy."

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* other version in the Book: Build the City: perspectives on commons and culture. European Cultural Foundation, 2015; [http://www.culturalfoundation.eu/s/Build-the-City_eBook.pdf pdf