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= "Leon Kang started the 'Uber Partner Association' and has promised strikes if Uber doesn't "reverse back the price to what it used to be".


Issues between drivers and Uber in New Zealand

"The Uber Partner Association Facebook group has more than 250 members.

Drivers would be looking to join forces with GoDrive, a trust affiliated with First Union, association chairman, Ben Wilson said.

While a formal strike was unlikely, Wilson said the group would be hiring a lawyer.

Wilson wanted to enter into a "formal process" with Uber. He was unhappy with drivers no longer being required to attain passenger endorsements.

Wilson said changes by Uber were "forced on us in a very arrogant way".

He was talking with drivers about the fare drop, but said drivers were now, at best, working harder for the same pay - which he thought was unfair, given the lack of consultation.

Uber would not comment on the possibility of strikes or an Uber drivers' union. A spokesperson said "the best ways to increase driver-partner earnings is to boost demand for rides"." (http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/79446858/uber-drivers-promise-action-against-falling-fares-and-illegal-practices)