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Via HackYourPhd [1]:

(excerpt only, go to original for full listing)

Data analysis

Data Visualisations

Graph Database

Class Dependency Analyzer

Mind Mapping

Tableaux collaboratifs

Collaborative Writing (open source; latex export support?) (down?) (down?) (some latex support? git integration) (subset of latex; git integration) (latex; can save to dropbox; working on git integration) (open source; latex; dropbox integration; apparently git access "coming soon" to paid version) (imo seems more suited to working together than for 'writing things up'; has framapad, which looks similar to etherpad)

Collaborative note-taking

Other writing tools


Code Sharing

Data & Ressources Sharing (category?)


More Information

More tools:

Open Knowledge Foundation:

Open Source Software in Science :

For Bioinformatics: