Tariq Khokhar on Open Data at the World Bank

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Video via http://vimeo.com/26442275


"In April 2010, the World Bank embraced open data as a key part of the move towards more open development. Our public databases, including the World Development Indicators, are now available free of charge, in accessible formats, under an open license that encourages use and re-use.

There are currently over 7,000 available time-series indicators, with around 1,200 available in 5 languages. The recently launched microdata catalog contains 600 surveys with over 250,000 searchable variables and there’s high demand for new data – valuable datasets: financial, operational and statistical, are being identified, curated and published.

What have the implications of doing this been inside and outside the World Bank, and what have we learned? Should we expect open data to creatively disrupt the Bank’s work and that of the international development sector as a whole? What’s next for open data at The World Bank?"

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