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Tiberius: I deleted the long description, because this text is dynamic. It is better to point to the source.

Getting discovered

I think open content is about to explode onto the scene as a catalyst for self-organization of immensely powerful groups of artists, musicians, inventors, philosophers and many others who have just been waiting in the wings until the tools they need emerge. I have always "believed in" something that was coming that would reveal how, when and where my gifts would best be used. Every singer-songwriter lives for his/her time of being "discovered" by something so much larger than himself. We all want to put our local communities "on the map" but not by selling ourselves and our values out. The media moguls of the last millennium left such a trail of broken hearts, shattered dreams and ruined lives that taking that path to a mythical world of "fame and fortune" had lost its appeal. Everyone knows it's a rigged zero-sum game sponsored by the 1% or less. Seeing Jackson Brown at Occupy Wall Street was a signal for me that the "jig is up" for the status quo in the music biz too. Discovery constitutes simultaneous personal and societal change as we find each other. We don't necessarily need Hollywood or Wall Street any more to create value from our God-given gifts nor do our communities have to export badly needed local talent. CQ 20:52, 6 April 2012 (UTC)