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Hi. Thanks for looking! Let's talk!


They are my initials but they are also a classic telegraph and radio call meaning:

"Hey! Is anyone out there?"

And that's what I'm always hopeful about. Someone is out there who pays attention to me and what I pay attention to. I think attention is the currency of the future and no matter what else we have to pay, whether money, time, resources, talent, ... it is our attention that is sought out and is of premium value.

Areas of interest

Ecology, ecosystems, transition, invention, community ... watershed health, riparian zones, permaculture, natural philosophy, sustainable design, green engineering, alternative currency, social justice, spirituality ... loud healthy music.

Current work

I'm still thinking about how to describe what I do. It's pretty eclectic.

See my Wikipedia contributions? I think it would be great to look at the form and function of Wikipedia as a continuing platform and community that serves as a premium example of free and open peer production. I am the founder and chief proponent of the Community Builders TaskForce there. It is dormant for now but could be re-activated at the drop of a hat. I love MediaWiki and need a resilient and meaningful instance to work on. Could this one do for now?

For my musical career, Open Music Business Models is a good place to start here. Thanks Michel!

I'm also quite engaged in developing food and farming interaction that boosts visibility of new thinking toward bringing people closer to the sources of their food. Also using Open Manufacturing to develop new patent-free farming equipment, automated watering systems, riparian zone monitors and such.

I just started the Americans community on Facebook. I'm trying to get some meaningful dialog going about the enormous lack of unity in my country, The United States. Notice that Wikipedia:Americans is about people from the USA. I'm not sure that's quite the reality. We shall see.

OpenKollab is also a group I try to keep up with. That is where I first learned of the p2p foundation.


SYZYGY 2017 - ... RFC .. open . 2020


OzoneFarm: site | blog | facebook | slack

Charley:: Google+ | twitter | facebook

SYZYGY 2017 - Google Drive