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"A Discovery Network (DN) is an open and decentralized value network, a collaborative organization that can include commercial, academic, governmental and independent entities, all collaborating together and coordinating their efforts to enrich society with new material goods and services, and extracting some value from doing so. The DN is mainly a knowledge and a logistical organization. It processes information and knowledge, plans and coordinates, in order to innovate, produce, and distribute new products, on the world market."

It was proposed by Tiberius Brastaviceanu, through Multitude Project in summer 2008. See more on Multitude Innovation

The The Matchmaking Device System was an attempt to implement the Discovery Network model in the summer of 2010. The Value Network model, instantiated by Sensorica, evolved from the Discovery Network after the collapse of the Matchmaking Device System project.

Some fundational documents of the Discovery Network



It was launched in January 2011 by Tiberius Brastaviceanu, Ivan Pavlov and Francois Bergeron around the Mosquito, an optical fiber-based sensor designed for biomedical applications. The Discovery Network concept was used in the beginning as a template for Sensorica. As the network grew, the concept was expanded. The (experimental) infrastructure of Sensorica was built mostly on Google's platform.

Greener Acres

It is a value network focusing on local food systems. It was also built in parallel with Sensorica, using a parallel infrastructure.

Sensorica and Greener Acres are two strongly interacting value networks. This value exchange between these two networks lead to the idea of a super-value network, a network of networks, a fractal structure. The infrastructure of such network in under construction.

PieTrust is collaborating with Sensorica and Greener Acres at the infrastructure level.