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= an Open Source Car created OSVehicle that can be assembled in one hour

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"There’s nothing much more to say: a company that decides to take over city vehicles design. This company just developed a modular, hackable template for a small city car that can be adopted by industrial players and be a basis for the development of urban car sharing programs and branded city vehicle models. They did it in opensource and the blueprints are available. Even if the overall project capability to interact with the community still needs to unfold properly, this project is exciting as it brings open source vehicles next level: on the actual market.

The Arduino of transports." (

2. Derek Markham

"What if there was a DIY vehicle platform that was not only affordable, but also street-legal, open source, and versatile, with the option for an electric drivetrain or an integrated hybrid engine? That might change the game entirely, at least for those of us who like tinkering and aren't afraid to get our hands dirty. And it's here.

The OSVehicle is, at its heart, an open source car platform that is said to be an "industrializable, production ready, versatile, universal chassis", and it currently comes in two varieties, the TABBY, and the Urban TABBY.

The TABBY is the original platform, and isn't necessarily designed to be street-legal (though it could be made so). The blueprints and plans for the TABBY can be downloaded, improved upon, and shared with others, and could be a great jumping-off point for creating your own custom vehicle, or for creating a business around, or even as an educational tool.


The OSVehicle, which comes in both two seat and four seat versions, can integrate a fully electric drivetrain, an integrated hybrid engine, or an internal combustion engine, and fully finished models are said to cost between €4000 to €6000 ($5445 to $8168). The components for the TABBY are currently available for preorder, or if you'd rather wait for a completed vehicle, the first fully electric TABBYs with a stock motor will be available sometime in the spring of 2014. Later in 2014, an all electric version with an electric motor specifically made for the TABBY will be available, and updates on the hybrid and internal combustion models are said to be forthcoming." (

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