Sustainability of Open Collaborative Communities

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  • Sustainability of Open Collaborative Communities: Analyzing Recruitment Efficiency. Technology Innovation Management Review, January 2013.



"Kevin Crowston, from Syracuse University in the United States, Nicolas Jullien, from Telecom Bretagne in France, and Felipe Ortega from the University Rey Juan Carlos in Spain, have studied Wikipedia in various languages with a focus on one criteria of project sustainability: the recruitment and retention of participants. In their essay, two notions emerge strongly: i) the management of projects and how they are organized, their hierarchy, and their rules influence who is recruited as editors to projects, but also who joins and participates, and ii) the size and maturity of the project greatly impact sustainability and recruitment."


  • Special Issue: Open Source Sustainability. Ed. by Chris McPhee and Maha Shaikh. Technology Innovation Management Review, January 2013.


Maha Shaikh:

"This issue contains seven articles relating to the theme of open source sustainability. The authors come from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations, including Canada, Finland, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States."