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Wolfgang Hoechsele:

"An alternative to medical insurance and, I would say, uses money as a commons. Everyone is expected to pay in according to their ability to pay (minimum 100, maximum 500 Euros a month, in between it's supposed to be about ten percent of one's income), and money is paid out to members according to their need to pay for medical services. It is organized in a subsidiary way, meaning that local funds are organized by local groups (up to around 30 members), most funding is done within those groups. However, if somebody in a groups has a serious illness and the local funds are not sufficient, then they request funds from other groups in the region; if even that is not enough, they go to the national level for support. Within Solidago, we have to take responsibility for our health and the financing of medical services in ways that go well beyond what happens in insurance schemes, whether public or private."