Society for Sustainable Mobility

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= organization behind the Open Source Green Vehicle


"The Society for Sustainable Mobility (SSM) is a revolutionary movement to develop a much needed alternative to conventional automobiles.

The Mission of the Society for Sustainable Mobility (SSM) is to create a three-part solution to our dependency on natural resources:

1. Sustainable Technologies: to improve the energy efficiency of automobiles;

2. Open-design Infrastructure: To accelerate sustainable technologies into the marketplace and to harness help from great minds around the world;

3. Business Strategy: to commercialize our products and bring them to the hands of consumers.

The SSM-OSGV goal is to engage in fair market competition in the most polluting automotive market segments with functionally superior products that are cleaner and more affordable; thus, erode the incentives for major automakers to remain in these segments and encourage them to invest more in future technologies." (

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