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Maia Dereva:

"Social Hacking means the thoughts and activities to identify, understand, and divert harmful social structures to individuals and groups. For social structures, we mean all contexts and settings where human relations are governed by morals or standards, whether accidental (eg family life) or sound (eg management in companies) . In other words, social hacking is to change the social environment through experiments, actions or attitudes reflected. These modifications are aimed at undermining structures harmful to freedom and human dignity, to divert them for the good of the greatest number.

The essence of hacking into the computer world, and equipment (hardware, we mean material objects in general) of dismantling system, understand it and possibly divert by providing, for example, new functions or features. If the computer hacking and equipment is to hijack a system or an object, social hacking, in the same way, is to divert a social system (or social structure).

Social hacking is the transposition of computer hacking in different social spheres. The ratio between hardware hacking and social hacking is analog.

Including social hacking is to observe and identify the various manipulations and other outdoor voluntary determinations carried out on oneself or a group without his knowledge to counter via relatively simple and accessible techniques at all. In fact, social hacking undermines any illegitimate empire exercised on oneself or a group, and this undermines occurs avoiding conflicts tend to worsen the initial situation.

Social hacker seeks to restore the social fabric, not in personal interest (although this may contribute to their individual interests), but for the sole purpose of restoring the possibilities of a peaceful social environment, undermining the relations of domination, wrestling against discrimination, moderating narcissistic pervert, defending the weakest in the group, stimulating the imagination, creativity and inviting others to more empathy." (

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