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From Tara Hunt [1]:

"A Social Capitalist does alot of raising Social Capital and avoids losing social capital. Social Capitalists definitely spend more time giving it away in positive directions, building trust. A Social Capitalist is, by nature, more concerned with helping others raise social capital." (


How to gain and lose social capital

Ways to raise social capital:

  • Give it away. Help others connect. Use it for doing nice things for others.
  • Use it wisely. Never betray trust or use it haphazardly.
  • Produce awesome stuff that people admire. Make beautiful art. Code the next cool website.
  • Spread love. Make others feel great about themselves.
  • Be human. Be accessible. Listen. Treat everyone with similar respect.

Ways to lose social capital:

  • Horde it. Only use it for your own benefit or refuse to spend it.
  • Show it off. Try to pull weight with your social capital. “Don’t you know who I am?”
  • Try to take credit for other people’s good work.
  • Take advantage of others who are trusting.
  • Badmouth other people. Especially those with alot of social capital.
  • Be snobby. Only act nice to those who can do something for you."

More Information

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See also the Spread Love Project from Tara Hunt.