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For background on the philosophy behind social bookmarking, see the entry on Folksonomies


"Differently from the simple link manager functionality built into a browser, the new breed of link manager is a server-side web application that enables links to be tagged for easy retrieval and is increasingly being opened up to manage public rather than (or sometimes in addition to) private sets of links.

The following elements are usually present in varying degrees:

  • Personal user accounts (groups sometimes provided)
  • Mechanism for entering links, titles and descriptions
  • Browser bookmarklets to facilitate entry [n18]
  • Classification by 'open' or 'free' tagging
  • Search by tag or user (Boolean combinations sometimes allowed)
  • Querying of links based on popularity, users, tags, etc.
  • RSS feeds
  • Extensions such as browser plug-ins"



  1. One of the most popular tools is Delicious.
  2. See also Connotea for scholarly and bibliograhic usage
  3. The Big List of Social Sites identified 68 social bookmarking sites in March 2008.

More Information

  1. See the related entries on Folksonomies and Tagging
  2. Recommended review article in DLib Magazine at
  3. Open Source Social Bookmarking [1]